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Paco de Lucía (2015)

1h 35min   |   Spanish |  Documentary Curro Sánchez

June 2012, Paco de Lucía begins his 11-day tour around Europe. What starts as a portrait of the artist's routines evolves into an introspective journey into his past, his memory and the key to his success in flamenco. What seems to be a regular day in a day of his tour - from the moment he wakes up, until the concert is over - turns out to be the core of a story that revolves around the most important musicians of the century. It's not only a physical journey, but a dive into Paco's soul: his memories, his fears and regrets, the things that made him laugh... His voice accompanies the flashbacks that cronologically  calls upon his childhood all the way to his last days in Mallorca, where he finalised his posthomous album. 


Paco de Lucía.jpg
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